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Explore the charming streets of Ellsworth and discover a vibrant shopping scene that offers everything from unique boutiques to well-known retail stores. Whether you’re searching for antiques, art, fine jewelry, handmade paper, or the latest fashion trends, you are sure to find it in the greater Ellsworth area. Enjoy a delightful shopping experience that reflects the unique character and charm of our community.


In the Ellsworth area, there's always a wealth of activities and sights to explore. Local businesses provide family-friendly entertainment like live theater, miniature golf, and guided ATV tours for letting loose and having fun. Our trail systems, ranging from beginner to moderate, offer authentic Maine landscapes as a rewarding experience. With six lakes and a river, outdoor adventures can be both land-based and water-based. Come play, explore, and experience Ellsworth!


With an array of restaurants offering fresh seafood, classic comfort food, and international flavors, Ellsworth's culinary scene is a foodie's paradise. Our charming cafes, cozy bistros, and waterfront seafood restaurants allow you to savor the flavors of the area while indulging in delicious farm-to-table meals made with local ingredients. Ellsworth's diverse dining options reflect the unique character of the town and will satisfy any palate. Whether you're craving a lobster roll by the waterfront or exploring innovative dishes at a local bistro, Ellsworth offers a culinary experience to remember.


Ellsworth provides a wide variety of crucial services to meet your needs, whether you're a resident or just visiting. Our healthcare facilities are first-rate, offering top-notch medical care. You can also rely on our legal, financial, and repair services to address any needs that may arise. Additionally, our recreational opportunities abound, ensuring there's always something to do for leisure or fitness. Our friendly professionals are dedicated to providing excellent care and service, making Ellsworth a reliable and welcoming destination for all.

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