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Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Ellsworth - Maine

Our region's picturesque coastline and close proximity to Acadia National Park create a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The recreational opportunities are boundless, from the traditional allure of lobstering and the thrill of whale watching to the serenity of hiking and kayaking. Ellsworth's charming downtown invites leisurely exploration of unique local boutiques offering exquisite fine chocolates, handcrafted jewelry, and a delightful array of gourmet dining experiences.

Whether you seek the thrill of outdoor adventure, the richness of historical exploration, or the tranquility of relaxation, you will find something to captivate your spirit here. The diverse landscapes surrounding Ellsworth showcase exceptional natural beauty, historic landmarks, and hidden gems, all wrapped in the warmth of small-town charm. Uncover the many facets of this enchanting area for an unforgettable visit.

Plan Your Visit

Visit Ellsworth, Maine for its quaint charm, lively downtown, delicious seafood dining, and proximity to the stunning Acadia National Park.

Live Here

Live in Ellsworth for its tranquil small-town ambiance, stunning coastal views, and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities.

Work Here

Consider working in Ellsworth for its diverse job opportunities, tight-knit community, and proximity to beautiful natural landscapes.

Downeast and Acadia Regional Guide

Discover picturesque Ellsworth with our comprehensive Chamber of Commerce Guidebook! Packed with local insights, business resources, and insider tips, this guide is your key to making the most of your Ellsworth experience. Download it today!


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