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The Story of Eagles’ Nest Clubhouse

Why Eagles’ Nest?  What’s that all about?

The Eagle is a majestic and powerful bird of prey.  From coast to coast and all across the world, eagles are seen as hearty and talented hunters.  The eagle showcases a wide wing span to catch air and to help lift the bird to heights above the noise and dangers below.  When eagles are ready and they have spotted a target or a goal they focus on the prize with laser precision.  When the time is right and the winds are in sync with their intention, the eagle turns to the goal and charges toward it with a fierce vigor and with courage.  The eagle’s nest serves as the home base, the place where the eagle goes to rest, feast, recharge, and to avoid the dangers of life in the wild.  The height of the nest is no coincidence and it serves in itself as a fortress.  The nest is built with precision and flexibility to stand against the winds and the rain.  An eagle’s nest seen from up to 120 feet below is quite impressive, at least.

The eagles’ nest is also where eaglets are born.  It’s where eaglets are kept warm when the weather is less than ideal for growth and development.  The nest is where eaglets are nourished and challenged toward their destiny.  They are supported and fed there.  Eaglets are born with a knowing they are safe and that they are fully accepted at whatever stage they are in.  The nest protects eaglets from predators too.  The Clubhouse is a nest for members to come and to be accepted.

The Clubhouse is among the challenges of the world outside and yet it is a safe and durable guard against harm.  The Clubhouse is a safe zone, a warm place for people to come and to be.  We don’t all come from a safe and accepting place but we, all Clubhouse members and staff, have a safe and accepting place to come to.  The nest is also where young eagles watch and learn to fly.  They learn to leave the nest to find their own food and nourishment.  They watch others and they exercise their wings.  Young eagles eventually walk to the edge of the nest and consider the world below.  They wonder if they might be able to pick a goal and achieve it.

One day eaglets become eagles and they take a chance on their own skills.  They leap toward their own dreams.  That’s what happens at Clubhouse.  People learn to fly.  They learn that they have what it takes to be an eagle.  They learn that they are more than they were told.  They learn to face the wind and to leap into it and to chase down their needs and their dreams.  Members of Clubhouses all over the world are nurtured and challenged to new places and to try new things in the nest and then outside in the big world around the nest.

The name Eagles’ Nest Clubhouse does indeed carry with it enormous meaning and relevance.  As a Clubhouse we must see beyond the structure of the nest, the sticks and branches, the broken pieces of the lives of the people we work with.  At a glance, a nest is not pretty.  If we can see past the mud and the jagged parts, we can see the future of our members before they can.  We stand on the edge, between our facility and the world outside, and we support and challenge people to climb up with us.  We help people find the strength and courage it takes to jump with the intention of flying to the places they want to see and the places they want to be.

Clubhouses around the world have powerful and telling names like “Unlimited Solutions” and “High Hopes” and “Independence Center” and some are simply named for their location, like “Capitol Clubhouse” or “San Antonio Clubhouse”.  Some are named as a point in space, like “The Meeting Place”.  This name was not chosen on a whim or to represent anything shy of the power and the possibility we bring to this region and most importantly to our members.  The name was discussed with our longest standing member who was thrilled to get behind the idea and was able to explain the origin of the name to a local provider he met with.  The Clubhouse is a place of safety and a place we are proud of.  The Eagles’ Nest Clubhouse represents that deeply.


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