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Scam Alert From Emera Maine

At the end of last week, Emera Maine began receiving a number of reports of scammers once again targeting our customers, including a number of small businesses. If you are able to share this warning with your members, we would appreciate your help in preventing these individuals from taking advantage of our fellow Chamber members.

Scammers have been calling residents and small businesses claiming to represent Emera Maine. Some of these calls appeared to originate in North Carolina, but we’ve had occasions where scammers have managed to make it look like their call is coming from an Emera Maine number.

If you are contacted by an Emera Maine representative:

  • We will ask for the primary account holder by name.
  • We will know your account number.
  • They will know your billing information.

If a customer is behind on their payments:

  • We will send them a letter.
  • We will notify them with a call.
  • We will encourage them to work out a payment arrangement.
  • We make every effort to work with our customers – disconnection is a last resort.

If you have any doubt over who may be calling you, we encourage you to hang up and call us directly: 1-855-EMERA-11 or 973-2000. This will ensure you are speaking with an Emera Maine representative.

If you have any questions about your account status, balance, payment options, or anything else about your service, please call us.

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