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Rhonda Graziosi Named Employee of the Year from Bangor CVB

Vacationland Inns & Shindigs – Left Leeanne Hewey, Allan Hewey, Operation Manager Rhonda Graziosi receives Employee of the Year 2018 from Greater Bangor CVB.    Presented by EMCC Dean of Hospitality at GBCVB Awards Night May 23, 2018

A message from Vacationland Inns

As the Managing Partners of Vacationland Inns, we are honored to be able to nominate Rhonda Graziosi Operations Manger for the GBCVB Eaglet Award 2018.

We started working with Rhonda in July of 2011.   We have watched her perform her job duties every day for years without a trace of dissatisfaction.  She always has a smile on her face no matte any circumstance.  Rhonda had open heart surgery a few years ago and had a brief time of medical leave.  I remember the day she told me in April 2015; my heart sank and tears came into my eyes.   We could not lose our Rhonda.

Rhonda is one of the most creative and personable people a hotel could ever have in their employ.   She provides customer service to all of our guests with that beautiful smile, no matter the circumstance.  Never complains and is always willing to tackle anything.

Rhonda began work at Vacationland Inns when it was the former Twin City Motor Inn.   She worked day in and day out from 2007 with the former owners doing the first overhaul of the hotel.    Ever since she has been helping rehab, remodel, clean and serve without complaint.   Vacationland Inns is where it is today because of her dedication of almost 11 years.   Rhonda started as a wallpapering person to help spiff up the rooms and soon became the head of the Housekeeping and Laundry department.   When the former owners sold to the current owners,  (Mitchell and Hewey Families) Leeanne and Allan immediately put Rhonda in a place where she would enjoy her work even more.   Rhonda handles the operations and the esthetics for all our properties.   She manages approximately 5 – 7 staff daily and accomplishes most if not all tasks she attempts within every work week.

There are not enough words in the English language to praise Rhonda Graziosi for all she has done for our company.  When anyone meets her, they fall in love with her.  She demonstrates dependability, accountablity, kindness, compassion, leadership, mentorship, teacher, ethics, trains and develops, improves are ratings on Expedia, Trip Advisor,, Yelp, Yahoo Facebook and much more.   Rhonda is an asset that is priceless.   Rhonda doesn’t miss anything and wants to be sure everything is absolute the best it can be for our guests experience.    Rhonda never seeks attention to herself and says, “It’s my job!”

We love her and adore her for all she brings to our business.   When she retires someday, and we know she will,  we want her to know she will never be forgotten for all she has done for this business.  We want her to create her own themed room- Rhonda’s Shell room in our Maine Coast Inn in Brewer in honor of all her years.   Let her have fun and make it her own in her honor.  This way our guests will always have Rhonda and her creativity.   We stand and applaud her strength and continued work ethic as she has helped this company grow to where it is today.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate Rhonda Graziosi.   Rhonda is an amazing team player.

Just for an example of her servitude:

  • When it snows, she is here.
  • If it is Christmas – Thanksgiving – New Years – Her Birthday – She is here.
  • When something breaks down, she drives from home to be sure it is really fixed.
  • A key is needed to be made or a staff member can’t find something, she is here.

Rhonda is most deserving of this Eaglet Award 2018 as many others.   Words do not describe just how wonderful she actually is.

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