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National “Ugly” Sweater Day 2017 Photo Album

National “Ugly” Sweater Day, 2017

Every year around the holidays, most offices and schools have a day when employees and students wear those fun reindeer and Santa sweaters that we all pretend to hate! The Ellsworth Chamber found out that there is a “National Ugly Sweater Day” and it was scheduled last year for Friday December 15th. We challenged all of our members, schools and community to “don our gay apparel” and be THE most spirited city in Maine. The Chamber checked with Guinness Book of World records and there is a single venue record for holiday sweater wearing, but currently there is no multi venue record. “We have contacted the venerable records book organization for an application, but they did inform us that this time of year, due to year end records, we were unlikely to hear from them for several weeks.” stated Gretchen Wilson Director of the Chamber. “Regardless, we know the City of Ellsworth can hold the unofficial record for Maine this year”.

The Chamber teamed up with local radio station STAR 97.7 as their media partner. Both the Ellsworth Chamber Facebook page and the STAR 97.7 page featured  as many photos as we could of local businesses and their great sweaters. Businesses could also combine sweater wearing with a food drive or other community event. It’s was up to each business or organization how to have fun with the day.

National “Ugly” Sweater Day was a HUGE success! We cannot thank you all enough for being a part of this fun event!

– The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce

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