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Mount Desert Island Hospital is pleased to announce that Jim Bright has been named Chairman of the MDI Hospital Board of Trustees

Bar Harbor – A retired lobsterman, Bright was drawn to board service at MDI Hospital after he received outstanding care following a bad bicycling accident. His wife Harriet had previously served on the hospital board, and he felt it was a good way to give back. “When you need them in an emergency, it’s nice to know you have A-1 service, and I can’t put that in big enough capital letters,” he says. “As you grow older and require more medical attention, it gives you a very safe feeling to know that we have a good hospital and good health centers.”

Since joining the MDI Hospital board in 2011, Bright has enjoyed the challenge of staying up-to-date on the ever-changing healthcare landscape. “We are blessed with a very good administrative team that helps guide the board and provides education for us,” he says.

Originally from Philadelphia, Bright made the move to MDI in the early 70s. He started lobstering in 1976 and retired in 2013. These days, he enjoys bicycling, bird-carving and community service. In addition to his board service at MDI Hospital, he also serves on several boards for the Town of Mount Desert including the Appeals Board and the Marine Management Board.

Like a lot of things, Bright doesn’t think that people think about the hospital until they need it—but when they do, they want it to be the best possible. “MDI Hospital does an excellent job at taking care of the community—it may sound cliché, but it really does.”

Looking to the future, his goal is to get the board more involved in community outreach and building a viable philanthropy program, which is becoming increasingly more essential to the hospital’s survival, he says. “People may not realize that their gifts, no matter how small or large, are extremely important to the hospital.”

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