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Wicked Munchies is proud to be nestled into our little town of Ellsworth, Maine. The town is a gateway to the bustling tourist destination of Bar Harbor. We’re the first stop on the way to Acadia and other attractions for most visitors, so consider us your welcome wagon, all you out-of-towners. 

Everything we do, we do with fun and friendship in mind. When you send in an order, we prepare it like we would for any of our friends or family. Food is how we bond, and we intend to show you a good time in our neighborhood.

We’re an underdog restaurant that is thriving against all odds, and it’s thanks to patrons like yourself. We’re proud to serve visitors and locals alike.

Stop in for some curbside pickup, or delivery and let us initiate you into our local family with mouth-watering food we guarantee you’ll love.

Make Your Next Event ‘Wicked!’. Now offering Catering Services.

Wicked Munchies is a premium catering service providing delicious food and beverage for any gathering or event. Take your celebration to the next level with meals, snacks, and plates that bring the very best of our menus right to the tables of your guests.

We’re one of Down East, Maine’s favorite catering services!

Have you considered one of Down East, Maine’s best-kept secrets for your catering? Wicked Munchies has thrived as a premier eatery, offering curbside, takeout, and delivery over the last couple of years. We make traditional New England favorites an uplifting experience, and now we offer catering services for any event or celebration. Learn about how we’ve fast become a local favorite for catering.

Every excellent catering service has a beginning.

Why has Wicked Munchies found so much success as a caterer? It’s because we translate our masterful cuisine, impeccable service, and dedication to satisfaction into the catering arena. Down East knows us as an establishment that takes comfort food to the next level, and now we want to bring that holistic culinary experience to your next event.

We faced difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic as many restaurants found themselves forced to close their doors. However, our loyal customer base and strong desire for our menu transformed us into Down East’s first-rate takeout spot. Clients trust us to deliver consistently delicious and uplifting meals during challenging times for many. That inspired us to give back by offering all the Wicked Munchies favorites comprehensive catering service.

Wicked Munchies now offers flexible and customizable menus, catering for events between 75 and 200 people. Rest assured that we deliver a complete culinary experience to your guests. They can enjoy all our incredible food that always kickstarts the party. Any event, anywhere in the area, trust us to care for all your catering needs!

What can we cater for you?

We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our offerings to your event. Whether the theme, style, or preferred cuisine, expert chefs can create a menu that will send taste buds on journeys and supercharge souls. We cater for almost any event that you host, including all the following popular occasions:


Weddings are some of the most memorable days in a lifetime and need some elegant cuisine to back the celebration. Wicked Munchies prides catering for all wedding styles, no matter how sophisticated or laid back.

Rehearsal Dinners

How about you kickstart your upcoming nuptials the right way? Give your guests the gift of our incredible menus to excite the taste buds at your rehearsal dinner.

Corporate Events

It’s incredible what good food can do to a corporate event – great meals can make the occasion a fantastic success! Wicked Munchies specializes in catering corporate events of all sizes.

Birthday Parties

Have you got a birthday party coming up? Persons of all ages with even the pickiest tastes adore the food we create, making us an ideal solution to cater for birthday parties.

Holiday Celebrations

Christmas parties, New Year, July 4th – we have you covered for your next holiday! Don’t worry about preparing meals for all your guests; we’ll take care of that. You worry about having a good time!

Any Other Event

The sky is the limit when it comes to catering for events. Our experienced team is perfectly flexible and can handle the cuisine for any style event!

Find all things delicious right here.

What cuisine makes Wicked Munchies so famous? We produce and deliver some of the most acclaimed comfort food in the area, incorporating the Maine specialty lobster into our dishes. Those include pizza, tacos, mac and cheese, rolls, melts, and many more. Our catering services transcend our menus to suit the occasion, bringing food that’s as elegant or casual as you prefer. Popular catering includes:

Lobster Bakes

Give your event a unique flair with a divine Maine specialty. Enjoy our extraordinary lobster bakes for your events that bring the best of New England culinary experiences to your occasion.


Nothing screams party like a great BBQ. We’ll set up barbeque-based meals that make mouths water and get the conversation flying high.

Gourmet Entrees

We have the remarkable capability to turn favorite family meals into the most sophisticated plates. We’ll cater the more exclusive events with superb gourmet entrees.

Customizable Catering

Do you have a different idea for catering? We thrive in adapting to even the most extraordinary ideas for your events. Let us help with your custom catering vision.

We’re uncomplicated with our catering services!

We understand how important your event is to you, and that’s why we want to follow your vision! All you need to do is let us know how you like us to prepare the catering for the occasion, and we’ll work around how you want food to get served at your party. Some of the preferred choices include:

Buffet Style

Sometimes things are just easier when guests serve themselves. We’ll set up one of the most attractive and logical buffet stations with our cuisine.


Perhaps your occasion requires a more elegant dining service? We can arrange our meals to get served as plated courses.


You may have a more exciting idea of serving our food at your event. Trust us when we say that we’re open to anything! We’ll find a way to deliver our cuisine to your precise requirements.

Why choose Wicked Munchies for your catering?

We’re one of the newer entities in the catering scene, but we’ve quickly become the most trusted. There are many reasons why customers all around Down East, ME, prefer our catering services for a whole host of events. We are a resource in cultivating a magnificent party because we know how significant good food is to the atmosphere. Clients choose us for catering because:

We have over 20 years’ experience.

Wicked Munchies owner has spent over 20-years putting smiles on faces with our highly-acclaimed food. Nothing changes in quality and expertise when it comes to catering events.

Our cuisine is transcendent.

Wicked Munchies has become a Down East institution for a reason. Customers continue to pour in daily to enjoy our masterfully created comfort food.

We can serve up to 400 people.

We understand events can become sizable at short notice. Never worry that we can cater for up to 400 guests, and in some cases, even more. Contact us about any more significant events!

Your event will be one to remember.

Good food sometimes isn’t enough to create a memorable occasion. It’s all about the experience you want to deliver to your guests. Trust that our capability and efficiency in catering contribute to your event vision. We ensure that all partygoers find themselves in pure joy with our exquisite tastes and flavors. Wicked Munchies goes above and beyond expectations to make your event perfect.

Contact us today to discuss your catering needs!

Even if your event is only a faint idea at the moment, we can help shape the occasion into a fantastic experience. Contact our friendly support team to discuss your party and any ideas you have, and we’ll start laying the groundwork for our outstanding catering services. We’re ready when you are – email us or call.

151 High Street, STE 1

Ellsworth, ME

Wicked Munchies, 151 High St, Ellsworth, ME, USA

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