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Surry Arts & Events at the Barn

8 Cross Road, Surry, Maine 04605
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Surry Arts at The Barn is located on a beautiful old Maine farm with great vistas of the mountain tops of Acadia National Park perhaps 20 miles in the distance. The Surry Concert Barn which is the home of SATB is blessed with fine acoustics, seating for approximately 100 including a balcony section, a Steinway grand Piano, high speed internet and a sizable screen for movies and presentations. In addition the iconic barn and is loaded with character. The barn was the home of the internationally famous Surry Opera Company founded by Walter Nowick in 1987. Articles about Walter, the Surry Opera Company and the barn are found in the New York Times, People Magazine, Maine State publications and major network TV spots such as CBS with “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”. In addition, former Senate Majority George Mitchell honored the work of Walter Nowick and the Surry Opera Co. on the floor of Congress. Walter was an incredibly talented, multi-dimensional musician and charismatic figure. Walter died in February of 2013 at the age of 87 and passed on a great legacy of international contact and exchange through the arts and culture.  Surry Arts at The Barn and the iconic Maine barn that houses it, is a community resource with international outreach. Our mission statement reads: A performing arts center on the coast of Maine that enhances rural access to the arts, and fosters international and cultural diversity.

8 Cross Road, Surry, Maine 04605

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