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It is Rockett science 9 Store Street Ellsworth, ME 04605
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Technology; sometimes it can sound like a four-letter word.  When that happens Rockett Computer is here to help.  We offer a wide variety of solutions, just look at what we can do for you!

  • Business Consulting

Let us be your IT department with a service contact. From networking to repair to software training, your businesses computer and IT needs will be meet by Rockett Computer.

  • Computer Repair & Upgrading

If your PC or laptop breaks we can diagnose and repair it.  We’ll provide a free quote before the works starts and help you decide if the computer should be repaired or replaced.  We can also upgrade your hardware and breath some fresh new life into that old PC.

  • Computer & Software Sales

Buying a new PC can be intimidating.  We take the time to learn your needs, you get the computer that’s best for you, and your wallet.

  • Malware and Virus Removal

It is a dangerous world out there, new malware and viruses are created daily. When you get infected we can clean up the mess and load the software on your computer so you can surf safely.

  • File Recovery

So much of our lives are digital, when disaster strikes we can restore your lost files. Including photos, videos and other important documents.

  • Data Deletion

Before you donate or recycle that old computer be confident that none of your personal information is still salvageable.

  • Windows Re-installation and Upgrading

Does your computer seem slower than when you bought it?  Want that new version of Windows?  We can help and make an otherwise scary upgrade easy!

  • Training

Don’t fall behind! With our computer training classes we can help you stay up-to-date with the software needed in today’s competitive job market.

Rockett Computer’s staff has almost 20 years of computer maintenance, training and consulting experience.  Let us put all the knowledge to work for you, and remember…

it is ROCKETT science

9 Store Street Ellsworth, ME 04605

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