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306 Bald Mountain Road, Dedham, ME, USA
Call us (973) 570-8925

Lone Spruce Farm is a small, diverse farm and 4-H cooperative committed to humane, organic, sustainable, and localized practices. Deeply rooted in the belief that a strong community is one of the most valuable gifts to be grown on a farm.  Lone Spruce Farm is honored to offer the following:

Community and homeschooling support
educational events and special experiences
small batch ketogenic and traditional artisan breads
seasonal farm stand shopping
and so much more! 

Lone Spruce Farm also acts as a strong advocate in the Epilepsy Support Community, and is proud to be the home of the Spruced Up Homesteaders 4-H Club!


306 Bald Mountain Road, Dedham, ME, USA

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