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Jennifer Harry ,Tools for Healthy Living

426 Crooked Road Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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Jennifer Harry, Tools for Healthy Living – Bar Harbor Contact: Jennifer Harry – (207) 801-1107 Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching. Specializing in Stress Reduction and Mindful Living.  We live in an age of distraction, in a world that moves at a mind-numbing pace, go, go, go! It is hard to find time to take care of ourselves and to take time to reflect and gain clarity on our lives and how we are living. I can help you find calm in the midst of the storm by teaching you skills designed to break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and mental exhaustion that is so prevalent in today’s society. Find inner resources you didn’t know that you had and develop a toolbox of techniques that will empower you to take control of your stress, your health, and your life so you can live fully, with meaning and purpose.  Offering Stress Reduction Groups, Workshops and Individual Coaching as well as Workplace Wellness Packages and Mindfulness In the Park Vacation Packages.    Whether you live in the area or are visiting Acadia National Park, contact me to schedule a free consult to see what services are right for you.

426 Crooked Road Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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