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Finelli Pizzeria

12 Downeast Highway, Ellsworth, ME 04605, United States
Call us 207-664-0230

Owner Paul Schneider started working with pizza when he was a young lad, way back in 1970, going on to launch his first shop, Fellinis in Providence RI in 1989.By the time the new millenium rolled around, he sold Fellinis to his protégé and moved to Maine.

But what’s a pizza man to do. In his case, open a pizza place in Bar Harbor. But what to name the new place, since the old name belonged to the protégé. Ever creative and yet sentimental too, Paul hit the shuffle button and switched some letters in his old name, thus Finelli was born anew.

Sorry folks, now you know the ugly truth; there is no Mr. Finelli-But since Paul is a nice guy you can still call him that and he’ll answer.

Two years of seasonal bustle in Bar Harbor, and Paul moved again, this time to Ellsworth in 2001.

A firm believer that quality always trumps competitiion, Paul and Ellsworth still maintain a long standing love affair.

Finelli Pizzeria firmly believes pizza is a culture – so much more than just cheese and sauce. Every day the hard-working staff and Finelli cranks out pizza just the way you love it. Whether it’s extra crispy, extra saucy, or extra cheesy. Stop by often and celebrate our love of pizza!

12 Downeast Highway, Ellsworth, ME 04605, United States

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