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25 Eastward Lane, Ellsworth, ME, USA
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Welcome to the Community Closet. A place where neighbors help neighbors. When you come to the Community Closet, your first 10 items of clothes are always by donation. After that they are just $1.00 each. (And many days we run sales that make them even cheaper than that.) Our goal is to never have anyone go without.

We always accept monetary donations and donations of items. Kids clothes, adult clothes, household items, baby furniture, and more.

We work closely with other amazing non-profits in the area to help meet all of the needs of those in our community.

When someone loses everything in a fire or has left their home due to domestic violence, is homeless, or a child who has been taken out of a dangerous home and sent to live with foster families, We provide the items they need at no cost and no limits!

To all of those in our community and those surrounding it who just need a little help getting by, we feel no one should ever have to choose between clothes and food, so being able to get those items of clothing at little to no cost, makes a difference! That’s where we come in. Our goal is to make enough money to keep our bills paid: the rent paid so the doors stay open, electric on, trash emptied, and heat running! We are not here to make a profit. 100 percent of our staff is made up of volunteers. We just want to keep the place running and our community taken care of.

And our store isn’t just for those in need. Due to the amazing donations of items by those in our community, we have a great deal of items in our store and more ready to go out. We welcome anyone who enjoys shopping second hand, because honestly, why spend more and waste money, when the clothing we have is amazing. Those who can afford to leave a donation, help to pay the bills and keep the doors open to those who NEED to shop with us. This is why we are a store open to EVERYONE!!! It truly is neighbors helping neighbors. The way the world should be!

25 Eastward Lane, Ellsworth, ME, USA

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