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Children, Families & Communities is an alliance of parents, professionals, and individuals who are passionately committed to providing creative opportunities for learning, growing and healing. We serve our communities through three distinct organizations: Lodestar Holistic WellnessDTA Center for Learning and Growing; and Good Ideas™.

The Nature of Lodestar Holistic Wellness

Lodestar provides integrative medicine and education and models an inclusive approach to healing, a guiding light on your personal journey. We work with individuals and families to provide individualized opportunities for change, using the broad array of approaches in which we are trained. Holistic wellness services are effective for a variety of clients, so we serve people of all ages with a wide variety of wishes. Lodestar Holistic Wellness services are based on wishes for change, rather than the traditional deficit model based in problems.

The commonality amongst all the requests for this service is chronicity. How do we break out of fruitless cycles? How do we change physical health, relationship and emotional habits? How do we best support our children’s development without sacrificing self and while respecting who they are? How can we best achieve sobriety and maintain recovery in self, and support others in this? Drawing from Presence in Healing, Integrated Awareness®, CranioSacral Therapy, massage, and our Early Childhood training and experience, we meet people where they are at, and guide, assist and challenge them to create the changes they want.

The Nature of the DTA Center for Learning & Growing

DTA provides services and programs for children, families, family members and adults. We desire and set as our goal to have DTA services have some “hallmark” similarities as well as providing a venue for individual practitioners to express their strengths and talents. Some of these services are billable to insurance or other contractors.

  • We expect that all guests and families be offered a quality work experience. This requires mindful work.
  • We model being human for our clients and families.
  • We work on foundations to achieve outcomes set in partnership with the guest. This requires identifying foundations, facilitating change and then bringing this change to functional tasks. The AKID approach (Approach for Kids with Individual Differences) is based on this.
  • We include teaching and consultation in all our services
  • We believe life is fun and funny sometimes.
  • We understand that for change to occur, all people involved must be willing to change.
  • We know this work requires mindfulness, humanness, compassion and creativity done in congruence with self to the best of our ability at any given time. 

The Nature of Good Ideas™

The Good Ideas™ Program is designed to support small, new or developing programs with missions compatible to our own. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we can serve as fiscal agent, allowing donations to be received on behalf of the program. We offer donation reports, as well as support and guidance in non-profit organization.

4a State Street, Ellsworth, ME, USA

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