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Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Now Offering 3D Mammography

Ellsworth– Maine Coast Memorial Hospital (MCMH) is pleased to announce that 3D mammography is now available to the community. Early detection and accurate diagnosis are the keys to beating breast cancer. Women in the greater Ellsworth community now have an advantage in both of these critical areas thanks to the addition of the latest in breast health technology at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. Funds raised by MCMH’s Chef’s Gala last April and through private donations, have enabled the hospital’s imaging department to purchase new, state-of-the-art equipment.

Research has shown that digital breast tomosynthesis, better known as 3D mammography, has a higher success rate at detecting invasive breast cancers, and reduces the number of false detections. Doctors are calling it a significant breakthrough in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Radiologist, Brian Ewy, DO states “I am very proud that Maine Coast is able to offer this great new service to the people of Hancock and Washington counties.” While almost 50% of women are classified as having dense breast tissue, Dr. Ewy explains how this technology addresses this fact: “3D imaging will be a huge benefit as it allows us to visualize the breast tissue in multiple slices, reducing the problem of overlying dense breast tissue.”
This new technology is expected to detect cancer earlier and more accurately, allowing patients to seek further care sooner, if needed. “We also anticipate that 3D mammography will reduce the number of call-backs for additional imaging and biopsies,” explains Natalie Stanley R.T. (R)(M). “This will relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety on our patients.”
While all women have the option for opting for this higher quality screening, a couple of insurance companies are limiting coverage on 3D mammography exams. With the new technology becoming more available, policies are continually changing. MCMH’s imaging department can work with patients and their primary care providers to determine what level of coverage the patient has. Patients can still opt for the 3D exam if they feel it is the best choice for them and pay the difference in the cost from what the insurer pays for the 2D exam.

MCMH is currently scheduling 3D mammography appointments. Please call your provider to schedule an exam, or for any other inquiries, call MCMH’s Breast Clinic directly at 207-664-5492.

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