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Letter from the Executive Director – July 2018

Hello from High Street and Happy July! How did that happen? We all know how fast Summer seems to slide by; we wait all year and its gone in flash! So, my first advice to you all is take a day, a long weekend or an afternoon to enjoy what people from all over the world pay to do;

enjoy a “Perfect Maine Day”. We all know it when we see it. It’s one of those clear blue-sky days, low humidity, warm breezes and a sparkling ocean.  I encourage you all in this busy business season to look at our area thru the eyes of our visitors.  It will give you perspective, and a new outlook on customer service and what the area truly has to offer.

Speaking of customer service, this is always an area of concern, when staffing is just not at the level where it should be.  We know how difficult it is when the customer has a complaint, or there just isn’t enough help to reasonably take care of everyone at a busy moment.  Some thoughts: Empower your employees to offer something in exchange for what might be slow service, long lines, or complaints.  It doesn’t have to be something big…but something that makes that customer feel they got special treatment. If all your employees have that option in their back pocket, they don’t have to take the time to ask the manager or owner what to do; its immediately offered.  Give other businesses a break! Recently in one of Ellsworth’s large supermarkets, the lines were long, and all hands were at checkouts bagging and ringing up.  Still the grumbling through the crowd was overheard, until a woman customer yelled out “If they had any more staff they would have them checking you out!”  As this woman customer approached a cashier she was quietly thanked for recognizing what is inevitably something we will all experience on either side of the counter this summer.

I know I started out this letter asking you to take time for Summer, but as you read this newsletter we are also looking ahead to our biggest City-wide event; Autumn Gold Weekend, this year September 20-23!  It will sneak up on us all, so check your organizations calendar and let us know what you have planned! Our marketing pieces have early deadlines, but you want your event in our calendars!

There is so much to take advantage of this time of year.  If you are looking for something to do, a trail, an event, a fair, a good place to eat, we have information on it for you! We even have your Acadia National Park Pass! Come in and see us, discover what you can do on your “Perfect Maine Day”!

I hope to see you out and about, on the water, a trail, or a great summer dining spot!

Happy Summer,



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