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Letter from the Director, from June 2017

Hello from High Street,

The office parking lot is getting full lately and the license plates are not from Maine! Memorial Day is on our doorstep and the month of June is ahead.  The Visitor Center is full of maps, guidebooks and menus!  Are yours in here?  Everyday someone comes in and asks us where to go for lobster, books, breakfast, antiques, coffee, and train tickets.  More often than not someone needs printing services, a carpenter for their cottage, a fishing guide, a caterer.  Those questions don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the “where do I stay?” “where do I camp?” “where do I eat?” questions that we answer by phone, by email and in person by the hundreds all summer and fall.

My desk is never without a copy of our Maine’s Best Regional Guide.  I would highly recommend that your front desk have a copy that says in black sharpie DO NOT REMOVE!

I cannot begin to tell you how often I reach for this invaluable guide, phonebook, map, index, of information for our area.  Restaurants, hotels and campgrounds, phone numbers indexed by business, detailed maps, even a tide chart.  Curated information at your fingertips and yes, often faster than scrolling the internet!! No wonder we sold out last year.  Individual requests for mailed copies have been steadily increasing as travelers are finding the internet harder to navigate where the overwhelming amount of information that is not always up to date. We also have an online version of the book on our chamber website as well.


June is Membership Appreciation Month.  As part of our marketing specials we will again be offering a presale 15% discount on next year’s Guidebook ads.  A great way to renew, upgrade or try out this chamber piece.  We are also offering some other great opportunities including some display space in our Visitor Center.  I can’t tell you how often travelers spy something attractive in one of the cases and ask where the store is located.  Just one more way to market to the hundreds of people who go thru our doors each summer.


A big part of being a member is letting us know how “we” are doing. Even if it’s just in passing, an email, a quick phone call or an extended meeting, we Do want to hear from you.  Part of our job is to provide you with support for your business.  If you have an idea, or thought on how the chamber can do a better job or a new way of doing things, we want to hear it. It’s not easy reaching out to all 600 members.  We try thru member visits, emails, newsletters, Business After Hours, and Annual Events, but we know we don’t reach everyone individually.  I hope you will take a moment to make good use of your membership and give us some feedback!

THANK YOU, for being a member of your chamber.

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