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Letter from the Director, July 2017

Hello from High Street!

Summer is here and with it the activities, traffic and tourists! We are lucky. We get to wake up every day in an area of the country that people pay a lot of money to come and spend precious few days in.  We also know summer is fast and fleeting.  If you don’t pencil in the time now to take that boat ride, that hike, that day off to have a “Maine Day”, some work item will get in the way and that cherished summer day will slip away.

Speaking of time, we are already thinking ahead, Autumn Gold planning is on our calendars here at the chamber.  Ellsworth’s biggest weekend is September 22-24 this year and we need you all to give us your events, sales and specials so we can get advertising, calendars and marketing materials done and out the door.  This is a weekend that your business or organization can do an event and use the marketing power of the chamber to draw hundreds of visitors who are already in town to your location. Does your organization have an idea? Call me! Let’s talk about what’s already happening and what could add to the weekend.

With lots of visitors in town asking your staff where to go, where to eat, what to do, perhaps you need a few easy answers? Some great guides or maps? Some help with tours, sightseeing, tickets or schedules?  Call us, or stop in.  We are more than happy to assist your front desk, or your staff with the job of helping our visitors get around.  With a visitor center full of brochures, maps, guides and more, we can make up itineraries for your guests, packages for your inns, or help your staff with ideas when they get the inevitable “what can I do on a rainy day?” question.

Let us know what you need and we will come to you with some great brochures and some great ideas!

There is a lot happening in our area this summer.  From concerts at Waterfront Park to outdoor movies at Knowlton Park to fishing, swimming, boating and hiking; Wonderful art and antique shows, craft fairs, food fairs and other cultural offerings.  So, take a day, a week or an afternoon to enjoy a bit of summer in Maine, its short and sweet but it’s memories linger. The work can wait…I’ll wave to you!


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