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Illegal campsite in Acadia National Park starts wildfire near Cadillac Summit Road

BAR HARBOR – A camper at an illegal campsite near the base of Cadillac Summit Road started a wildfire on Friday June 7. Visitors reported the fire to park rangers at approximately 5 pm and Bar Harbor Fire Department along with Mount Desert Fire Department extinguished the fire by 6 pm. The burned area was estimated at .21 acres and at least one person of interest has been identified in association with the campsite and fire.

“Thanks to the Bar Harbor Fire Department and the Mount Desert Fire Department, this human-caused fire was effectively contained in about one hour,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider. “Their expertise and rapid response kept everyone safe.”

In the past two weeks, three illegal campsites, all with open fires activity, have been located in the park. There is no “backcountry camping” allowed in the park. There are four campgrounds managed by Acadia National Park and many other private campgrounds in the communities surrounding the park.

Park rangers have also been noticing a greater number of legal fires at campgrounds that are left unattended. Visitors are reminded to not leave a campfire unattended. Even a small breeze could quickly cause the fire to spread. When leaving a campsite or picnic area, drown the campfire with water to ensure no hot embers remain.

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