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Face Coverings All Northern Light Health hospitals, care centers, and campuses have implemented universal masking, including face coverings for patients and visitors.

Face coverings help stop the spread of COVID-19 even if you don’t have any symptoms, that’s why the CDC
and Northern Light Health recommend wearing them any time you’re in a situation where you may not be
able to social distance. This includes running essential errands like getting groceries, going to work, or visiting
your healthcare provider. In fact, Northern Light Health has made the decision to ask all people at our
facilities to wear a face covering.
What is a face covering?
Face coverings are not medical devices, but cloth masks, scarves, or bandanas worn over the nose and mouth
to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Cloth face coverings should:
 fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
 be secured with ties or ear loops
 include multiple layers of fabric
 allow for breathing without restriction
 be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape
Why should I wear a face covering if I don’t feel sick?
You can still spread COVID-19 if you don’t feel sick, but wearing a face covering reduces the chance you might
spread it to others through talking, coughing, or sneezing. Face coverings help protect the people you love and
the people who are close to you, it’s an easy way to help those around you and people who may be more at
risk for the serious side effects of COVID-19.
Things to Remember
 Wearing a face covering doesn’t protect you from getting COVID-19, it helps prevent you from
spreading it. You should still practice good hand hygiene, safe distancing, cover your cough, and stay
home when you can.
 Remember to wash your hands before you put your face covering on and after you take it off, trying
only to touch the straps that help hold it in place, rather than the fabric.
 Always wear your face covering with the same side facing your mouth and nose.
 Cloth face coverings should not be used on children under age two, anyone who has trouble breathing
or who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove their mask without assistance.
If you are coming to a Northern Light Health facility for a scheduled appointment, we’ll remind you to bring a
face covering with you when we confirm your appointment, we’ll also have signs posted at entrances in case
you forget your covering as a reminder.

Coronavirus Preparedness and Response – 5/4/2020 | 2
Expanded Access to Care
On April 28, Governor Janet Mills announced the steps that the state of Maine would take to reopen the
economy. One of the first steps of this plan includes the gradual, safe ramping up of patient care that may
have been delayed.
Northern Light Health played an integral part in the development of the plan to bring healthcare services back
online throughout the state. As a system, we will be taking steps to bring staff and patients back on site over
the next weeks and months to ensure that our communities continue to receive the care that they need, when
they need it, in a safe environment.
It’s important to remember that we will not be returning to normal in the pre-COVID-19 sense but will provide
care in a world where COVID-19 still exists. This means that we will all be taking extra safety precautions –
wearing masks and face coverings; continuing to screen staff, patients, and visitors as they come to our
facilities; and implementing new safe distancing protocols.
More information about these measures will be shared locally. Each of our facilities is different and will
implement based on physical space, patient population, and staffing needs. Rest assured: we will continue to
keep you up to date on what is happening and why the actions we are taking are important. We will continue
to move forward with the safety and health of our patients, staff, and communities as our number one
Thank You
We want to thank all members of our community for their continued commitment to the health of our friends,
neighbors, and families. Working together we have done an incredible job to flatten the curve of infection.
Our work is not over, and as we enter the next phase of this outbreak, we will need to support one another
more than ever.

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