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Ellsworth Welcomes Open Access Fiber Optic Network

Ellsworth –  The Ellsworth Economic Business Development Corporation and the City of Ellsworth along with partners, GWI, Union River Center for Innovation, and the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce will hold a “Lighting Presentation” August 29th,  at 2pm at 415 Water Street, next to Harbor Park.   United States Senator Angus King will be the Keynote speaker, to welcome GWI’s broadband service to Ellsworth.  Other guest speakers include: Kerem Durdag, COO of GWI; Mark Scarano Federal Co-Chair of Northern Regional Commission, State Senator Brian Langley, and Lili Pew, Ellsworth Economic Development Board Member.

The city of Ellsworth built  a 3 mile fiber network connecting its new business incubator, City Hall and the city’s primary business district. The fiber network is part of a visionary economic development strategy to bring higher paying employers to the region.  Having a public/private partnership with GWI will assist Ellsworth to  compete in a global economy in which high capacity communications networks are playing an increasingly significant role.  The partnership with GWI will focus on economic growth, the creation and retention of jobs ,workforce development, entrepreneurship  and the quality of life in the Ellsworth region. The  network is intended to stimulate competition among internet providers and provide an attractive asset for business considering locating here .As well as existing businesses who need high capacity connectivity. While intended primarily for business enterprise service, the network can be expanded with lateral extensions over time to additional businesses and residences.

Ellsworth welcomes open access fiber optic network to the area with this presentation at the Union River Center for Innovation on Tuesday August 29th at 2pm.

Refreshments will be served. Please rsvp to [email protected]

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