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Elderly Focused Program Receives Local Support

On Friday, June 12th, Jack Frost with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust presented a $15,000 donation to Downeast Community Partners’ (DCP) Elder Services program. Downeast Community Partners provides services designed to strategically address the needs of local elders. Jack Frost, Vice President and Director of Community Giving with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust said, “We know it is critical to face these challenging times together and we are dedicated to giving back to the communities we call home.  DCP has decades of experience in designing and delivering essential services that aid those most in need across the Downeast Region. We appreciate their work to customize programs and services to best meet the needs of so many individuals and families.” Downeast Community Partners is a community action program serving Washington and Hancock County. The program is a life-span nonprofit, meaning meeting needs from pre-natal to aged. The recent funding will enable Downeast Community Partners to continue meeting needs in the elderly community. Friendship Cottage Adult Day Service, a division of DCP, works with elderly clients by providing safe haven each day, and valuable resources to their caregivers. During 2019, 26 elders received day support from Friendship Cottage. An additional 49 gained needed home-based support and referrals from DCP’s Washington County Elder Services Navigator, enabling them to continue to live in their personal homes.


At the check presentation, Jack Frost with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust also said, “Charitable giving has been at the heart of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust throughout its more than 130-year history.” Frost went on to reiterate and echo DCP’s mission, “We are pleased to support DCPs’ elder services programs which would otherwise not be available. They have continued to operate during the pandemic and these services are critical for a thriving community where many reside in remote regions which can be isolating and create substantial barriers to maintaining good physical and mental health. We are honored to be considered one of their valuable partners.”


DCP’s Friendship Cottage, Adult Day Service, located in Blue Hill, is an aging in place program providing services for adults with physical, mental, or memory challenges. This program offers a safe and caring place to go each week day. In Washington County, DCP’s Elder Services Navigator works with individuals who are struggling to access services, support, and resources necessary to remain safely independent in their own homes.


These two programs are part of a strategy to meet needs in an otherwise underserved population. Mark Green, Downeast Community Partners’ executive director said, “One of the most important things that we do as an agency is to care for our elders. We accomplish this through a variety of programs ranging from transportation to Friendship Cottage and our Washington County Elder Navigator. We couldn’t do this important work without the financial support we get from the community including this wonderful gift from Bar Harbor Bank and Trust. Their generosity and understanding of community needs makes a great combination!”


Consider partnering with DCP in their mission, “To improve the quality of life and reduce the impacts of poverty in the Downeast community.” Visit their website to learn more . If you are in need, please call (207) 664-2424 or email [email protected].


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