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Courthouse Gallery presents William Irvine “A Walk By The Sea” Ragna Bruno: “Inner Visions” New Work: Jessica Lee Ives and Colin Page


Ellsworth Courthouse Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows: Ragna Bruno: Inner Visions and William Irvine: A Walk By The Sea. Also showing are Jessica Lee Ives and Colin Page. Exhibition catalogs are available for the Bruno and Irvine solo shows. Show dates are July 15– August 9, 2019. The shows are free and open to the public.

Ragna Bruno: Inner Visions  Ragna Bruno is an abstract painter whose work is recognizable by the sophistication of her color palette and exquisite mark making. Inspiration comes from the landscape or her background in fine art and classical music. Bruno, who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, moved to Hancock, Maine, in 1977. Here Bruno was able to pursue her passion for art and committed to being a full-time artist. Bruno continues to live in Hancock, where she maintains a studio.

Art critic and historian Daniel Kany wrote an essay for the exhibition catalog and eloquently describes Ragna Bruno’s new work and her approach to painting:

“Bruno’s drawn lines crackle with an electric intensity, dancing like sparks on the page. Their dynamic presence allows them to shift between being painterly marks, bounding forms, and carving out negative spaces. . . . her work is so effectively authentic and personal that we seem to directly connect to her subjective perspective. The solitude of her painting is quiet, beautiful and free. And that is a good place for any of us to be.” —Daniel Kany

William Irvine: A Walk By The Sea William Irvine is a Maine and American master, known for his seascapes, as well as enchanting figurative paintings, still lifes, and the ceramics he creates with potter Mark Bell. This show focuses on a life lived near the sea—feeding the gulls, walking the dog, and those lone walks where one meets the wonders of nature—special moments Irvine brings to the canvas to share. Irvine lives in Brookline, Maine.

New Work:  Jessica Lee Ives uses paint to explore and experience her adventure-filled relationship with the landscape. Her training at the small Sage School of Massage in Bend, Oregon, marked a turning point in her art career. In 2016, she studied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, all in the context of the outdoor athlete’s paradise of Central Oregon. As a lapsed en plein air painter in search of a new vision for her landscapes, she found it in this—the embodied experience of the natural world. Colin Page has distinguished his work by his gestural brush strokes and command of light, which transform ordinary subjects into the spectacular. Color and pattern play significant roles in his well-constructed compositions of harbor scenes, seascapes, and still lifes. His brilliant use of pattern and light turn his abstracted brush strokes, spatters, and marks into an incredible visual feast. Both Ives and Page live in Camden, Maine.

Courthouse Gallery is located at 6 Court Street in Ellsworth. For gallery hours and more information on upcoming shows call (207) 667-6611, or visit

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