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When a Family Member Dies Without Assets

                                   By Rudman Winchell Attorney Tracy Collins   My Uncle Spike had two claims to fame: He was a nationally recognized ghost hunter, and he was the Yukon Cornelius of the Penobscot River, prospecting for gold...

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Does all Property go Through Probate?

       By Rudman Winchell Attorney  The purpose of a Last Will and Testament is to control the distribution of property in your probate estate after your death. But what property makes up your probate estate? Not all of it! Anything that is not part of your probate estate is...

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New Maine Legislation: An Act Regarding Pay Equality

By Rudman Winchell Attorney Anne-Marie L. Storey The business community is well aware that there are many proposed and pending pieces of legislation that would affect the workplace setting.  One of those, An Act Regarding Pay Equality, has already passed.  This law, which was signed into law by the Governor on...

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Which Type of Business Entity is Best for me? Part One

       By Rudman Winchell Attorney Katelynn Ronan In this two-part series, we’ll discuss the differences in the following business entities: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Limited Liability Company. Congratulations! You want to start a business. You’ve perfected a million dollar idea and are excited to hit the ground running. You’ve...

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Your Appeals Questions, Answered

                        By Rudman Winchell Attorney Jonathan Hunter The trial court has entered judgment in your case. Now what? This series of articles will examine some common questions on appeals to Maine’s Supreme Judicial Court (or Law Court) in civil...

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FMLA Considerations for the New Year

By Rudman Winchell Attorney Anne-Marie L. Storey   As a new year is beginning, employers covered by the federal Family Medical Leave Act are reminded to assess the way in which the leave is applied.   This is particularly important for employers who use the calendar year method, since under that method an...

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Can I Fire My Employee for That?

By Rudman Winchell Attorney Joshua A. Randlett   Many employers are at least generally aware of the fact that Maine is an “at-will” employment state. As they say, however, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. The purpose of this article is to alert employers to the fact that...

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Third-party Contract Beneficiaries

By Rudman Winchell Attorney Christopher B. Hatch Frequently, an individual or entity not a party to a specific contract may be affected by a breach to that contract.  For example, a municipality may contract with a landscaper to periodically remove brush and other shrubbery encroaching on a road.  A homeowner uphill...

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Don’t waste the insurance you’ve already bought

Through the years, certain client problems seem to come across my desk now and again, and then not again for a long time. Recently, there seems to have been a spate of situations in which clients have lost coverage, or almost lost coverage, under insurance policies by not giving correct...

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