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Blue Hill Peninsula

Blue Hill Peninsula

A yielding ridge runs south towards the ocean on a peninsula just west of Mt Desert. It ends, first by jumping across the Eggemoggin Reach to become Deer Isle, then juts from the sea to become Isle au Haut, a forty minute ferry ride into the Atlantic Ocean.

Bordered on the east by Blue Hill Bay, photo quality views of Mount Desert Island show across the island-dotted ten mile span. Westward views from the heights of Caterpillar Hill display the whole of Penobscot Bay, its islands and the Camden Hills beyond. Sunrises and Sunsets can be spectacular here.

Small towns are scattered across its whole length. Blue Hill at the head of the bay is backed by its namesake … Blue Hill Mountain … an easy climb on good trails to the 800 ft summit. To the west and south is Brooklin, Sedgwick, Brooksville, Penobscot, Orland, Castine and and out to sea, the purple shape of Isle au Haut is a majestic presence on the southern horizon. A part of Acadia National Park, Isle au Haut has a network of interesting trails for day trippers, but don’t miss the boat back to the mainland! Libraries, Art Galleries and restaurants as well as potters, weavers and organic farms enliven a day trip adventure. Fishing and boat building compete with the artists, writers and musicians.

Blue Hill has an active theater group, as well as Kniesel Hall, the Bagaduce Music Lending library, and the MERI, a marine research center. Brooklin, once home to Charlotte and Wilbur’s creator, E.B. White, is now home to The WoodenBoat School. Brooklin also leads the state in the harvesting of steamer clams. Lobsters and Scallops are important Brooklin resources. Holbrook Island Preserve beckons with more woodland walking and guided nature trails. Across the Bagaduce River sits stately Castine, home of Maine Maritime Academy. Once a hot bed of Colonial intrigue and hot dispute, Castine is content now to offer its Elm shaded streets, antique and art galleries and several fine restaurants to those seeking quieter times.

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