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Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Holds Annual Meeting, Grants 2018 President’s Award

Blue Hill – Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (BHMH) held its 2018 Annual Meeting on Wednesday, August 8.  President John Ronan gave an update on hospital news, healthcare delivery in the area, and shared that BHMH is working hard to finish its fiscal year (ending September 30) with a strong, positive operating margin.

Ronan concluded his talk with the following seven points that he would like the community to “walk away with.”

  1. Our collaboration with Maine Coast is a positive and will redefine the healthcare delivery system for the patients in our communities.
  2. Our approach to healthcare will be focused on guiding principles:
    1. Access
    2. Quality of Care
    3. Patient experience
    4. Financial performance
  3. Blue Hill is financially viable and strong, with a bright future.
  4. We continue to have a robust philanthropy program and your donations stay at BHMH.
  5. We will continue to seek opportunities to partner with other organizations.
  6. We will need to make a capital investment in our campus.
  7. I am as committed as ever to ensure that BHMH remains a viable hospital.  We are here to stay to provide our patients with the care they need.

At the end of the meeting, Ronan, presented the 2018 President’s Award, recognition given to an individual, department, or committee for outstanding, exemplary service they have exhibited throughout the year.  This year’s recipient was Nan Boutin, RN, CWCA.  Boutin accepted this award saying “I love this hospital!”

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