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Gearing Up For Gardening




Workshop Descriptions:

Session One
Grow Your Best Veggies ~ Marjorie Peronto
Keep up to date with critical information designed to help you grow your best vegetables, including sustaining
healthy soil, selecting and caring for garden plants, and supporting the roles of all types of insects in the
garden ecosystem.

Grow Your Best Raspberries ~ David Handley
Take a detailed look at growing raspberries including variety selection, planting, pruning, trellising and pest
management to help you have a successful harvest of this wonderful fruit.

Creative Frameworks for SEED Dispersal ~ Lee Lee
Working at the intersection of art and ecology, Lee Lee will present her methodology in cultivating creative
frameworks for public engagement around wild land restoration. Material will include cultivating networks of
living SEED libraries, SEED Sensoria, HugelCULTURE and following seasonal rhythms to respond to specific
attributes of place in culturally sensitive ways.

Workshop Descriptions:

Session Two
Creating Biodiversity Gardens ~ Reeser Manley & Marjorie Peronto
Help stem the tide of species extinction by converting some or all of your landscape into a haven for insects,
songbirds, amphibians and other wildlife. Learn about the plants that foster wildlife diversity.

Organic Gardening Techniques for Dealing with Climate Change ~ Paul Volckhausen
Learn how organic gardening techniques can help mitigate the effects of climate change on your garden.

The Story of Incredible Edible Milbridge ~ Pam Dyer Stewart
Begun in 2013, Incredible Edible Milbridge builds community as it builds food security in our corner of Maine.
Pam will share what’s been learned and where Incredible Edible Milbridge is going seven years after its
launch. Great chance for other communities to get ideas on replication of this successful effort.


Panelists and Presenter Biographies

David Handley ~ Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist, Cooperating Professor of Horticulture for UMaine at
Highmoor Farm, David carries out applied research regarding berry and vegetable variety evaluation and
coordinates several statewide integrated pest management programs.
Dorcas Corrow ~ Project lead at Sweet Haven Farm, a Harvest for Hunger Master Gardener Volunteer site
that grows and donates over 2,000 pounds of produce each year.
Jesse Wheeler ~ Jesse has led a crew monitoring long-term forest health in the northeast’s National Parks.
He is Acadia National Park’s Vegetation Biologist, managing invasive exotic plants and protecting native plant
Jim Bradley ~ Jim became a Master Gardener Volunteer in 2014. When he’s not digging in the dirt, flying, or
making music, Jim is Chief Investment Officer at Penobscot Financial Advisors. Jim will be our Panel
Lee Lee ~ Founder of the SEED Barn in Blue Hill, Lee Lee is a visual artist who constructs community
frameworks for participatory restoration projects and creative seed dissemination. She explores the impact of
mobilities-centered culture, an emergent field of research that explores the movement of people, ideas, and
things, as well as the broader social implications of those movements. Lee Lee works towards localization to
promote food security in both Maine and Haiti.
Marjorie Peronto ~ Educator for the UMaine Cooperative Extension who teaches classes in fruit and
vegetable gardening, ecological landscaping, and pruning. She oversees the Master Gardener Volunteers
Program in Hancock and Washington Counties, training volunteers to conduct community outreach projects
that promote sustainable gardening and food security.
Pam Dyer Stewart ~ Coordinator of Incredible Edible Milbridge, a food security project of the Women’s Health
Resource Library. Community involvement in the success of pick-your-own public gardens throughout
Milbridge and expansion of support for this incredible project are an impressive reflection of the efforts Pam
has coordinated.
Paul Volckhausen ~ Owns Happy Town Farm in Orland with his wife Karen. The farm was certified organic in
1986. Paul has held leadership positions at MOFGA including Treasurer and Acting Executive Director, and is
a constant presence at the Ellsworth Farmers’ Market.
Reeser Manley ~ Retired horticulture professor, passionate gardener, and author. He and his partner Marjorie
have published two gardening books: The Life in Your Garden: Gardening for Biodiversity (2016) and The New
England Gardener’s Year: A Month-by-Month Guide for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Upstate New York (2013).

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