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Playground… A passage written by Board Chair, Canaan York.

Close your eyes and reflect for a moment. You’re laughing and romping, climbing and stomping; playing hide-and-seek, capture the flag, duck-duck goose and then tag. You’re flying solo, or surrounded by friends; making memories from days that won’t ever end. You skin your knees and climb up rock pegs—you take off on a swing, pumping your legs. You’re young and unique, agile and scrappy. Jubilant, creative, carefree and happy. spinning and singing, tilting on a whirl—activities defining each boy and girl.

This isn’t a game played on a tablet, this is real life—outdoors is a habit! Whether on grass, sod, sand or rock, in the smallest small town or a big city block, this place embraces your creativity and heart, and your hopes and dreams get their humble start.

Where is this place you grow up and grow strong? Where you learn about yourself and days stretch long? You find your voice in the same place it goes hoarse. What can it be? The playground, of course!

KidsPeace Graham Lake is trying to fundraise $25,000 dollars to finish the final phase of our playground for children.  If you are interested in learning more about KidsPeace Playground Project, please call (207) 664-1227, we would love to talk to you further.  You can also visit our website at  We appreciate your continued support.

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